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Memebox Milk!

Another memebox! This is the milk one, I purchased in a bundle with Whole Grains and Oriental Medicine. I figured milk does a body good ;)

The inside.
Here's how Memebox advertised this box.

"We all know milk is good for teeth and bones, but betcha didn’t know it’s also good for your skin!

Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, is a famous beauty icon who is known to have used milk as a secret ingredient for maintaining smooth, supple and radiant skin. Milk has healing properties that repairs sun damaged skin, prevents premature aging, and also provides abundant nutrients for a youthful look.

Now, we’re letting out this ancient beauty secret with our Milk Box to share with you all the skincare benefits that milk has to offer!"

The handy dandy what's in my box cards! With English instructions.

When I opened this box, I thought it smelled wonderful. The culprit is the first product listed.

1. Hello Everybody Bubble Steam Milk Bath (25g/$4)

This smells sooo good. I think it's the combination of almond oil and chamomile and vanilla. Can't wait to use it.  I've never used bath powder before, so I hope it's good and bubbly and pleasant smelling. The description claims it softens skin, but I look for more yummy, relaxing smells in my bath products than skin benefits, since I always lotion up afterwards. Am I alone in that?

2. Hello Everybody Nature Holic Body Lotion Milk (300ml/$25)

This is generous sized body lotion. The scent is a little lemon-citrusy (there's lemon balm in it) which is ok to me, but if you are sensitive to fragrance, I'd give it a skip. The lotion is very thin in it's consistency, and I do prefer a thicker formula.  The lotion is made from organic goats milk, and does leave skin soft and non-greasy. It absorbed fast as well. This was the weakest link in this box for me, but is something I will still use.

3. Pure Smile Choosy Lip Scrub (25g/$11)

I like lip scrubs, but I never remember to use them. I need to keep them out by the bed. I currently have a philosophy one that I feel like I've been using forever. So, needless to say, I haven't tried this. I am a little iffy, this came in either Chamomile Milk or Peach Milk. I got Chamomile Milk, so I'm a little hesitant about the taste.  This scrub contains sugar, milk, peach, chamomile and bees wax. If you've never used a lip scrub before, the process is simple. You roll a bit of scrub on dry lips to get the flakies off. Then you remove the dead skin with a warm towel or washcloth. It's recommended to apply a lip treatment or chapstick afterwards. It sounds painful, but it's really not, and I have a low low tolerance for pain.

4. Pure Smile Milk Mask Pack (23ml/$1)

 I love love sheet masks, I will never be able to get enough of them. In fact, I am kicking myself for not getting Memebox Mask Edition 4 :(  This is a Milk Essence Mask, with Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E. It's supposed to be moisturizing, anti-aging and smoothing for uneven skin texture. Sheet masks, for the uninitiated, are little paper masks from heaven, coated in a serum, that you place on your face from anywhere to 15 minutes to 30. 

5. Skin Ceramic Donkey Milk & Argan Oil Multi Steam Cream (100g/$34)

 This is the product I am most intrigued by. This is essential a face cream, but made from donkey's milk and argan oil. Memebox claims that donkey's milk is more nutritious than cow or goat milk. Now, I love me some goat milk, but I have never had anything made with donkey's milk. I'm a little curious, I might need to go on a Strange Foods expedition and try some donkey milk or donkey milk cheese.  Anyway, although this has the word steam in it, you just apply it as the last step in your skincare routine. It's supposed to be intensive hydrating, so my oily skin might need to wait till winter to try this. Btw, there is no smell, donkey or otherwise, from this cream.

6. Enesti Rice & Milk Foaming Cleanser (120ml/$15)

This a foam cleanser made with rice and milk, that's supposed to deep clean pores, moisturize and brighten. I always get a chuckle since I see many Asian skincare lines claiming to give you translucent skin. Like see through? Like one of those genetically modified goldfish? 


7. Pure Smile Choosy Lip Pack Milk ($1)

Another lip patch! Going to save for when I need to fake Angelina Jolie lips.

So this memebox has a total value of $91, and cost me $23, plus I got 5 memepoints for it. It's currently sold out, but if you like to stalk to see if it would come back in stock. (Occasionally happens), here's the link.

If you like to try a different box, here's some new ones!


All About Lips

Memebox description:

We got the Meme-Fans’ Kiss of Approval!

Give your lips some oomph with this lip makeup -only box!

Kiss ghoulish-colored lips goodbye with creamy lipsticks, smooch-proof tints, long-lasting lip lacquers, non-sticky glosses and enviably cute lip who-know-whats! Packed with both beautifully baffling trendy colors and drop-dead gorgeous office appropriate hues, this All About Lips Box will be the box that you’ll be reaching for every day and every night!

With a lip combo this good, you’re gonna wonder how you ever got by without it!

Two memepoints with purchase of this box to get $2 off a future order.

All About Eyes

Memebox says:

Shut your lips and let your eyes do the talking. 
We found the perfect eye treatment, mascaras, liners, and eyeshadow combo that will make your eyes bigger, brighter, and sexier. Because, really, isn't that what it's all about?
Need a lift? Wrinkles, bags, crow's-feet—they don't stand a chance against this easy plan. Pamper and brighten eyes with eye treatments that work to diminish the look of dark circles, under eye shadows and fine lines.
Go from daytime eyes to lush evening eyes in a flash with versatile colored shadows and easy glide-on liners! Enhance your eyes with a do-all mascara that promises lush, defined, mile-long lashes with the swipe of a wand!
[Shipping starts Sept. 2nd]
Buying this box gives you 2 memepoints for $2 off a future purchase.

Korea's Most Wanted
Memebox says:

It's a sister act!

Did you know that Memebox Global  has an older sister named Memebox Korea?

Both sisters were both born in Seoul, yes, but after Memebox Global's move to San Francisco, and a long time of separation, the sisters are finally doing something fun! This time, it’s a sister act!

Memebox Global and Memebox Korea are teaming up to bring you Korea’s Most Wanted Box, the best of the best in K-Beauty!

Also a global hub for K-beauty-holics and makeup addicts, Memebox Korea carries only the hottest and most up-to-date Korean trends, and she’s giving us everything from hair and body products to makeup and skin care products so that you can get a taste of real Korean beauty! This box retails at over $100, but you can get yours for only $32!

[Shipping starts August 27th]

This box gives 3 memepoints for $3 off a future purchase.

Daily Dose of Beauty

I've got this one coming to me! Something about different pampering treatments on different days appeals to my OCD side.

Memebox says:
Confronting a new work week can be tough! So in order to make you feel—and look—polished everyday before heading out the door, we  have our tried and true beauty products that will add a little more sass and spice into each day of your week. Here are our weekly beauty staples!

Makeup Mondays: Beat Monday Morning Blues!
Treatment Tuesdays: Give yourself the ultimate skin pampering session that is  fit for a queen!
Weird Wednesdays: Surprise yourself with crazy beauty who-know-whats!
Therapy Thursday: Give yourself a therapeutic relaxation session!
Funky Fridays: Glam up and let loose!
Wrinkle-free Weekends: De-stress and erase the years off your face!

Everyone needs something beautiful everyday!

[Shipping starts August 27th]

This box gives 3 memepoints for $3 off a future purchase.

And if none of these new boxes appeal to you, there's still these older boxes available.



You can click on this box to get $5 off



This post contains affiliate links, but all items were purchased, not provided, and all opinions are my own. 

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