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Superfoods to make you feel like Supergirl!

(saddened by how long it took me to find the least sexist depiction)

Today I've got Memebox Special #20 Superfood box up for review!

Today's memebox is focused on food ingredients that are touted for their health benefits!

Memebox says

"Food for your soul? Nope! Food for your skin!

Super Foods such as broccolis, tomatoes, blueberries and yada yada yada being great for health is old news! It’s now time to share a little of these nutrition rich super power foodies with your skin! This Super Food Box is packed with internationally renowned Super Food infused skin care products that provide a holsitic approach to healthy, glowing skin! Slather on these uber antioxidant rich foods to amp up your beauty and confidence!"

The Packed Box

Memebox's handy info card with instructions and descriptions.

Backside of the handy info card.

1. Ladykin Elmaju Broccoli Essence Toner (150ml/$14)

This is a hydrating toner made from 90% broccoli extract. It is good for irritated, sensitive skin, and has anti-inflammatory effects for healing acne. The toner also claims to brighten. You would apply this after cleansing with a cotton pad.

Blurry Ingredient/Direction picture

2. The Skin House Aloe Soothing Vitamin Gel (50ml/$19)

The superfood in this product is aloe and tomato! The gel brightens with vitamin C capsules that are in the gel, and the aloe soothes and moisturizes dry and damaged skin. You massage this gel into your face until all the capsules have dissolved into your skin.

The directions say to apply before your skin care regimen, but I still take that to mean after cleansing and toning.

It's a generous size.

3. Secret Nature From Jeju Peeling Gel (150ml/$26)

I have never tried a peeling gel, but I am excited to! I love trying new product formulations.  However, I don't get what the superfood in this product is, people generally don't eat clay. This gel is made from clay and jeju, and is pesticide free and contains all natural ingredients.  The gel exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities away, and brightens the complexion.

You apply after cleansing, by massing onto skin with finger tips. Only use 1-2 times a week, so you don't over exfoliate and irritate your skin.

4. Ladykin Phytoplan Broccoli Wrinkle Radiance Power (50ml/$50)

Oh my word, I love this stuff. It feels so soothing on the skin, and leaves my skin smooth and moisturized. I don't have deep wrinkles, so I can't speak to the wrinkle fighting properties. This serum sinks in fast, and doesn't leave my oily skin feeling greasy. It's not too heavy feeling on my skin either.

I love brands that put thought and design into making their packaging beautiful.

You apply this ampoule after using cleansing and using toner, but before moisturizing.


This ampoule fights wrinkles, and contains turmeric to help with tone and radiance. I do believe my skin tone is improved and less red while using this. 

5. Pure Smile Strawberry Milk Essence Mask ($1)

What's a memebox without Pure Smile? I'm sure this will smell good though, yum strawberry milk. This mask claims to give you a baby face because it will hydrate and smooth, along with evening skin tone. It contains milk proteins, wild berry extracts, Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and collagen. You apply the mask and leave on for 15-20 minutes, after cleansing.

6. e choice Red Ginseng Eye Wrinkle Solution Treatment (30ml/$6)

This eye cream contains 33% pure ginseng extract to fill lines and wrinkles along your eye area.  Apply under and around the eye area with ring finger, and pat in.

I'm happy with this box, especially for the broccoli ampoule, which is not something I would have purchased on my own. 

This box costs $23 with a total value of $116, pretty great return.

The box is sold out now, but here are some awesome boxes I am looking forward to.

"Poor Cinderella was covered in cinder and dust, and was so busy that she had no time for beauty! But with a little bit of bibbity bobbity boo, a Fairy Godmother, and a glass slipper, she was able to recreate a whole new look (and also snag her prince hubby!)

But, get real. We’re real women, with real problems, and most importantly, we don’t have a Fairy Godmother. So how do we get achieve this Cinderella-esque transformation? With this Cinderella Box of course! Although we can’t magically pop out a pumpkin carriage, we CAN give you a chock-full of hair, skin, and makeup essentials that will instantly transform your look, the moment you apply!

So, stop waiting for your Fairy Godmother to save you from your beauty distress, and take this Cinderella Box for a magical beauty makeover that even Cinderella will be jealous of!"

"All countries have those strange beauty products that make you go huh and hmm, and Korea is no exception.

This 4th OMG Box is bursting with a range of bizarre and brilliant to “WTF?!” but we promise that these beauty befuddlements will provide a wide range of beauty benefits.

We admit, these beauty innovations may look slightly intimidating at first, but we know that you secretly want to give these crazies a try!"

Is Tinkerbell really a princess? I mean, I still bought the box, but...

"We’re spellbound by the prettiest pixie, Tinkerbell!

She cast a magical spell on us to create this Tink inspired beauty box, full of all things shimmery and glittery from head to toe! Adorn yourself with sheer, lightweight shimmery makeup and body goodies that will give you a subtle fairy-dusted look!

Add a touch of glitter to eyes and lips for an understated, yet beautiful eye-catching shine, or go all out and amp up the intensity with sparkle flecked shimmers! You choose! Follow the fairy trend and highlight and illuminate your body and face (minus the excessive shine!) with pearl-based luminizers that give you an enchanting glow!

Shimmer and glitter in makeup can be overwhelming, but with the help of our fabulous Memeboxers and Tink herself, we created this Tinkerbell Box for all day, everyday wear!"

I am super excited for this box, since it comes with Memebox cult favorite Bounce Cheese Cream from Dear By Enprani!

"We love wine and we love cheese, but wine and cheese beauty products in a Wine & Cheese Box?  That’s just a match made in heaven!

Wine and cheese have gone hand in hand for centuries, but this is probably the first time you’ve seen a wine and cheese beauty box. Leave it to Memebox to cook up the weirdest, yummiest beauty box that will amplify your beauty! 

Wine, famously known to be rich in antioxidants and essential minerals, speeds up the cell renewal process and stimulates the blood circulation for the look of rejuvenated, brighter skin! Cheese, considered an excellent source of Vitamin B for the skin. supports the look of supple, bouncy and glowing skin. 

*Plus, here’s a spoiler! Bouncify your skin with a FULL SIZEDMemebox cult classic Dear by Enprani’s Dreams Come True Bounce Cheese Cream! This innovative facial cream has a unique ooey-gooey, bouncy texture that comes from a high concentration of protein-rich whey. The fun melted mozzarella cheese texture will adhere to the skin perfectly, and hydrate and firm the skin for the plumpest, youngest cheeks ever! "

I am still debating over the Second Cutie box. Some of the things look cute, but I am not sure if the value is there. Here's an unboxing picture.

Right now, if you buy the Cutiepie box, you get a free surprise gift. Still debating, let me know if anyone can sway me either way!

I also have a code for my lovely readers. If you use DAV2, you will receive $5 off your purchase. You can combine that with my affiliate banners to receive $10 or $15 off your total purchase, depending on how large it is. It expires at the end of September, so get your boxes now!


Super CC ;)

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