Friday, July 18, 2014

Special Deal for My Readers

I was planning on revealing the contents of another memebox today, when I got an email from Memebox offering 10 memepoints (1 memepoint = $1 off a future purchase) on the both the IOPE 1 and IOPE 2 boxes. They are also both discounted by $10 through my link.  You can also get 3 memepoints for buying any of the boxes available on that page. I'm thinking of grabbing Pore Care 3, since I was so pleased with Pore Care 2.

Here's the link.

And here's a break down of the boxes. 


IOPE is a Korean Skincare Brand. This box costs $65 through the link (regularly $75) and has a value of $325.

Included is 
1.  IOPE Essential Skin Boosting Serum 40ml Full-size product: 40ml, ($84)
This boosting serum instantly hydrates the skin when used as the first step of skincare routine, preventing any possible dehydration after cleansing. It also works to maintain just the right balance on your skin by strengthening the natural healing power and the moisture lock-in capability.
Right after cleansing, apply a dime-sized amount of the serum evenly over your face and pat it in for full absorbance.
2. IOPE Essential Tone & Wrinkle Care Eye Cream 25ml Full-size product: 25ml, ($86)Enriched with shea butter and jojoba oil, this moisturizing eye cream will fill in between the fine lines & wrinkles around the eyes and create a protective moisture layer on top to prevent further sagging and wrinkle formation.
HOW TO USETake a small amount on your fingers and softly spread it both under and over your eyelids. Draw circles around your eyes until it’s all absorbed into your skin.
3. IOPE Lip & Cheek 01 Rose Pink 4g Full size product: 4g, ($42)A dual item for both lips and cheeks, this rosy lip & cheek stein comes in a neat, compact packaging with a mirror as well. Blend it into your lips and cheeks to add more color and radiance to your overall complexion.
HOW TO USEUse your finger to softly dab it onto either your lips or cheeks and blend it in for a natural rosy look. 
4. IOPE Essential Facial Oil 30ml Full size product: 30ml, ($90)This thickly spreading yet quickly absorbing facial oil creates a thin, protective layer over the skin for a softer, smoother skin texture. Organic argan oil and macadamia oil contained also deliver deep nourishment and hydration to the skin.
HOW TO USEAfter essence application, take 2 drops of the essential oil on your hands and gently spread it over your face, pressing on to facilitate full absorbance.
5. IOPE Essential Moisture Relief Cream 50ml Full size product: 50ml, ($87)A light-textured moisturizing cream especially suitable for the summer time, the Essential Moisture Relief Cream soothes, moisturizes, and tightens up the dried, worn-out skin overnight for a refreshing revitalized condition the next morning.
HOW TO USEApply the relief cream abundantly and evenly over your face and pat it in for full absorbance. Suitable to be used both day and night, but it is recommended to apply more thickly overnight.  (description taken from

The second IOPE box has the same contents as the first, as well as an IOPE Air Cushion Moisturizing Foundation in Shade 21.  The Air Cushion retails for $48. 

The regular price is $89. The estimated value is $325.  It ships out July 21st and shipping is 6.99.

You could also grab this box, which I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of. 

Here's the description from Memebox 
Referral Only Deals
Get 3 reward points for purchasing this box! 

Friday nights out are awesome, but sometimes, a girl has got to take a break! 

Recharge with this At Home Box because we’ve got all the self-beauty kits packed into this box! From self hair kits to self skin and makeup kits, this box will surely enhance your look and mood so that you can start off refreshed and energized for the next week! Our simple DIY box will let you pamper yourself right in your own home so that you can get the superstar treatment without having to pay the superstar cost!Sit back, relax, grab a tub of ice cream and this At Home Box to feed some food for your soul!

Spoiler #1 CNKCOS Sexy Beans - retails at $17

Lighten & tighten up your body line with this ultimate at-home self body-slimming item! CNKCOS’s famous ‘Sexy Beans’ is made from a gentle, non-irritating formula entirely made from natural soy beans, corn, centella asiatica extracts, and caffeine. Whereas other slimming creams are recommended to be used once a week, Sexy Beans are gentle enough for daily use. Here’s how to slim up with continuous use of these Sexy Beans:

1. Take out one Sexy Bean and crush it onto the part of your body you specifically wish to slim be it your thighs, arms, or bellies. (Do this while you’re taking a shower. Makes things so much easier.)2. Gently massage the specific body part with the crushed Sexy Bean, lathering it nice and evenly.3. Then, wait for 3~5 minutes before rinsing off.

A second spoiler was released for this box.

OSEQUE Silk Foot Peeling 
Full size product: 70g, ($42)

Relax and take the time to care for tired and exhausted feet with this easy-to-use Silk Foot 
Peeling! The jelly-like texture and nutrition-rich formula works to rid feet of calluses and nourish and moisturize cracked and dry feet.  

I know my feet could use this, especially since it's sandal season!

Now, I'm off to try to whittle down the $400 worth of Nordstrom Anniversary specials in my cart to a more manageable amount.

This post contains affiliate links, but all items were purchased, not provided, and all opinions are my own. 

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