Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Empties! All 5 of them ;)

So this month I was bad and busted into so many new things that I didn't go through a lot of products. :/ And the ones I did were deluxe sizes and minis, etc. So nothing exciting, but I like to journal my thoughts on what I like and what I didn't, and if it helps someone out, then yay!

The Good!

Yu Choo By Me Steam Silk Hair Pack-
My first hair pack! I had never used any before, and Memebox had a great sale in their Memeshop on these, so I grabbed a set.  You use it on damp hair. You cover all your hair with essence coated cap, and massage your scalp through the cap to get the essence all over your hair. You leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, I did 15, and then rinse off with warm water. This made my hair feel so soft afterwards. I kept touching my hair all day. Love it, will look to doing a hair pack/mask weekly.

You can get them here! On sale for $15 for 3 masks. You can use my coupon, UIZV, to get $5 off any purchase, as well as click through my affiliate links below to get an automatic $5 off, or $10 off an order of $150.

Garnier Hydra Recharge Conditioner!

Part of my PinchMe sample box. (Anyone else been disappointed with the last two PinchMe boxes? So disappointing). This conditioner is very lightweight and moisturizing. It also smells amazing, very fruity, like kiwis and berries. 

The full size is $2.99 at Target, here and in stores. Target is currently at 2.5% on ebates. (Ebates is free money for shopping. If you aren't using it, what's wrong with you!!! Sign up here!)

The Bad! There are more bad than good this time :(

On a Clear Day Acne Treatment from Philosophy

This treatment felt sticky and didn't sink in well. Didn't help heal blemishes either. The Clean and Clear version is better and cheaper. And the Mario Badescu Healing Powder is the best.

Herbalism from Lush

A rare miss from Lush. I love Lush for having cruelty free, effective, mostly natural and great smelling products. But this one is a pass. As a face cleanser, it didn't make my skin less oily. As a body wash, it didn't leave me feeling clean, or help my skin in any other way, aka help the occasional body blemish. Plus, on a personal level, I am not a fan of the smell, it's too green and mossy for me, which should be apparent from the description as a herbal wash.

Bath Fizzer

This was some no name brand thing I had laying around. It was supposed to have rose scent and petals, but it just left little dirty dried out specks of stuff floating in my bath. Not appetizing at all. Plus, no good rose smell or skin softening benefits. 

Fresh Life Eau de Parfum

Now perfume is something that is personal and individualized, so what works or doesn't work me is not going to be the same thing for everyone.  I was getting too much of the grass, leaves, cucumber and moss smell. I don't like very green scents, so this smell doesn't appeal to me. I didn't really get the citrus notes that Fresh lists.

Smashbox Photofinish More Than Primer Blemish Control

I love Smashbox's eye primer, but their face primers do nothing for me. This one claims to fight acne with salicylic acid, but I noticed no improvement. I also don't think it improved the longevity of my makeup nor smoothed the application process or finish.

Lancome Bienfait UV SPF 50 Sunscreen

Just meh. 

Missha Cleansing Tissue

This felt like wiping my face with a diaper wipe. It had a diaper wipe smell and a diaper wipe texture. It was really ineffective at taking off makeup, there was a ton of product left on my cotton ball after applying toner. The texture was really unappealing, it was rough and overly moist. 

On a blog related note, would you guys like me to list out ingredients? I know some people care, and some people don't. Anything for my readers.



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