Friday, August 1, 2014

July Empties!

Here's my finished products for the month of July, plus my reviews of them!

First up are the products I love and will rebuy!

Holika Holika Before Work Mask Sheet

This is a sheet mask from Holika Holika. They have a series of before and after masks, and I would love to try all of them! I used this before an important work meeting, and loved how radiant, fresh and even it made my skin. I would definitely rebuy.

MAC Wipes

I love, love, love these. These are my favorite face wipes ever. I got the 100 pack, and it took forever to use them up, since I only needed one for my whole face. They stayed moist the entire time, unlike some drugstore brands which dry out quickly. These wipes are effective at getting makeup off, and leave my skin feeling soft and moisturized. I use them before bed because I am lazy in my evening routine. I do follow with toner, to make sure I get everything off. Definitely would rebuy!

MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC15

After years of searching, this concealer is my Holy Grail! Nothing covers like this. Acne, redness, freckles, veins, you name it, this covers it. It lasts all day, and doesn't rub off. And it matches my pale skin perfectly. It's a cream pot concealer, and I apply it with my Sephora Airbrush Concealer brush. I only needed a little bit to cover everything, so this concealer lasted forever! And didn't dry out.

Merle Norman Peach Nectar Dual Lipgloss

This was a lovely peach lipgloss. It gave a nice shine. Unfortunately, it has gone bad, so it has to be tossed. I would rebuy, but I don't think they make this product anymore.

Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Stay Matte Hydrator

Foil sample! This was a good moisturizer. It made my skin feel refreshed and moisturized, but didn't leave my face greasy feeling. It absorbed fast, and didn't make me break out. It also did help my face stay matte all day. I would consider buying a full size of this.

Lioele Dr. Ampoule Pore Clean & Tightening

Sample I received when purchasing some Asian products from Beauteque.  Ampoules are a product that I primarily see in Asian skincare lines. They are more concentrated versions of serums, with more of the active ingredients. They typically come in smaller sizes than a traditional serum bottle, but are more expensive. This ampoule was applied as my last skincare step, after my moisturizer. I definitely think it tightened and minimized pores. It wasn't a permanent effect, but it did last all day. I didn't notice any reduction in blackheads or acne however. I like this ampoule more than the Pore Tightening ampoule I received in my memebox. I would purchase the full size, since it did provide pore minimizing effects and I don't have any ampoules or products like it in my arsenal.

 Lancome Visionnaire

Lancome claims this is a one step skin corrector. I luckily don't have visible wrinkles, so I can't attest to that property, but I did notice a blurring of pores and an improvement in skin texture. I used this after I used my Lancome Genefique, but before my serums, ampoules or moisturizers. I would purchase this in full size.

Now on to the bad.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula

This is a cult favorite, but I don't like it! It's just too thick and heavy for me. I do think it helps a bit with scars, but definitely didn't help with sunburns or cracked skin. Plus the smell was blah.

Nature Republic Snail Solution Mask Sheet

This mask sheet didn't leave my skin with any visible improvements, and in fact, made my skin feel drier after using it! I much prefer My Beauty Diary's Two Step Snail Repair mask.

Jordana Nail Polish in Hot Pink

This nail formula was thick to begin with, and has thickened to the point that even my Seche Vite thinner couldn't save it. Wouldn't rebuy.

Any July favorites, my lovely readers?



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