Thursday, August 28, 2014

Take a Spa Day with Beauteque!

Beauteque is US based retailer that sells Asian brands, at fairly competitive prices. I've placed a few orders in the past from them, which were all delivered safely, with samples and free shipping over $35.

So being on their email list, when I saw they were doing a special spa bag for August, I jumped on it!

The bag is extremely customizable, which is really nice.

I love the little menu, it does make you feel like you having a spa day. This would be great for an individual relaxing day, or for a fun girl's get-together. Get some fresh fruit, cheese, wine, chocolate, and really pamper yourself with your closest friends.

The first step in the spa day is an eye mask. I choose dark circles, and received My Beauty Diary's Dark Circles Intensive Care Eye Mask, which I did use before, and didn't care for. I have very very dark circles, however, so it might take a bleach mask to fix those.  The other options to choose from where Puffiness and Smoothness. 

Second step is Skinfood's Rice Wash Off Mask. Skinfood is very popular brand of skincare, with ingredients from fresh foods, and lines to address a huge variety of skin concerns. 

Ingredient list! This mask came in every bag.

The third step is a hair mask.  This mask I actually purchased separately, but is an option you can choose.

This mask is the one included in my bag. This one is for treating split ends. The other options to choose from are hydrating, nourishing and extremely damaged.

The fourth step is a foot mask. This is a softening lotion foot mask, not a peeling foot mask, which are very popular in Asian body care. This mask is basically little booties with lotion that you wrap on your feet and keep on for an hour. It is recommended you keep your feet up when wearing these. This was automatically included.

The fifth step is the always popular sheet mask. You got to choose two different masks. I picked the TonyMoly Red Wine Pore Care mask, which would be lovely with some actual red wine, right?

My second option was an oil control mask, which is My Beauty Diary's Strawberry Yogurt Mask. I love My Beauty Diary Masks, so this is always something I will use. The other options to pick from are Whitening, Anti-Aging, Soothing, Nourishing, Moisturizing and Brightening. Brightening would have been my third choice.

The final step is hand mask to give you soft baby hands. This was in all the bags.

Finally, there was an included headband to keep your hair back while using a mask.

It is surprisingly nice and and comfortable. You had a choice of pink or blue.

This bag costs $20 and is available until September 1st. You are getting about $30 of goodies (not including the headband, which I couldn't find on their site), so it's a good deal.

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